zhong yumin

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore) / sales intern

zhong yumin

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore) / sales intern

Hi, I am yumin Zhong, a Chinese student from SMU, I have watched a lot of videos and company information about Akiko Naka and Wantedly, I very much agree with the vision of Wantedly that is creating a world where work drives passion. I want to transfer the Wantedly platform to China and provide the platform to help Chinese workers find the work they love.


In the future

I want to help more people find the work they love

About Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore)

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore)7 months

sales internPresent

- Present

singapore management university4 months



term 1: strategy management : Have a general understanding of the company strategy digital organization and change management: knowing we are in a VUCA world, so we should have change attitude to face change worl

Cai Sheng Tea Shop(familly business)3 years

Assistant Manager


1. Assisted in managing my family business to take charge of products marketing and personnel management 2. In terms of personnel management, implemented different incentive means in the off-season and peak season 3. Participated in decision-making of marketing plans, explored the consumer preferences in different consumption periods

Atlantis china sanya1 year

human resource operator


1. Handled the recruitment and departure procedures of outsourcing employees and the resignation of regular employees, and managed internal employee's (1500 people) attendance data and reviewed the attendance sheet of outsourced employees (500 people)

Hua Qiao university4 years

human resource management


GPA [3.8]; GRE [310]; Four-year scholarship Recruitment and Employment [90/100] Training and Development [90/100] Human Resource Strategy and Planning [90/100] Organizational Behavior [92/100]


  • Chinese Mandarin

    • Vanessa Ong

    Recommended by Vanessa Ong

  • HR certification

  • English



  • English - Professional
  • Chinese - Native

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