Malvin Sutanto

SmartNews / Software EngineerTokyo, Japan

Malvin Sutanto

SmartNews / Software Engineer

Carpe diem

As a software engineer, I have a great interest in user experience design. I try to spend as much time as possible learning and discussing user experience best practices with user experience designers. I believe that a good application is an application that is made with the user’s best interest in mind.

SmartNews2 years

Software EngineerPresent

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About Wantedly

Wantedly3 years

Software Engineer


Developed and maintain features for Visit Android App. Increased the mobile team’s productivity by developing various technical solutions, such as Kotlin Multiplatform, code generation and Gradle plugins.


  • Android

    • Yuri Shibata
    • Shota Kashihara
    • Camille Drapier

    Recommended by Yuri Shibata and 2 more

  • Kotlin

    • Shota Kashihara

    Recommended by Shota Kashihara

  • Git

    • Camille Drapier

    Recommended by Camille Drapier

  • SQL

    • Sohei Takeno

    Recommended by Sohei Takeno

  • Java

  • PHP, RESTful APIs, User Experience and 1 skills

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