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  • Social Partnerships Lead (SheSays Singapore)

    SheSays Singapore is an award-winning organization running free events and mentorship for women in the digital, creative, marketing & communications industry. Because we want to see more women at the top.

  • F&B Marketing Consultant (Social Media & Creative Content)

    • Implemented Social Media marketing strategies, organized brand launches, designed menus and developed websites with SEO as well as Facebook and Instagram posts for Potatohead Folk, Neon Pigeon, Patissez, Basic Necessities, Oxwell & Co, Molly Malones, F. Club, Avry. • Led events such at Christian Louboutin Showcase at Potatohead Folk. • Planned networking sessions and hosted media and influencers for respective venues. • Managed media with press releases and creative content.

  • Brand Representative & Event Coordinator (La Maison du Whisky)

    • Co-organised the annual award-winning Whisky Live events for La Maison du Whisky in 2016 and 2017, the largest French Specialist in the importation and distribution of rare whiskies. • Singapore Representative for Old Pultney, Kilchomann and Kavalan. • Led Whisky workshops with Guest Bartenders from respective Brands such as Ocho Tequila and Kyrö.


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