Can AI elevate human creativity?

Shall we talk about AI 🤖 and its impact on innovation, branding and design? 🤔

➡️ That's what we did recently at Lonsdale Design, building the bridge between our Paris and Singapore Why by Lonsdale offices.

Colleagues from our Paris office showcased the results of several weeks of research by our Innovation and Creation teams. On the agenda:
✅ AI Quiz
✅ Presentation of the current capabilities and limitations of AI at the service of our businesses
✅ AI for ‘text’ generation (OpenAI, #gpt3 and #chatgpt): overview of use cases, from brand content to ideation and concepts
✅ AI at the service of our various creative expertise: #branding, #productdesign, #packaging, #retaildesign, #digital, #sounddesign, #video...
✅ Overview of the main tools available, their capabilities and limitations: Midjourney, NVIDIA, Dall-E, etc.
🚨 Legal framework & disclaimers: associated risks and opportunities
➡️ Conclusion - Good practices and pitfalls to avoid!

A unanimous feeling: AI, if it will not replace our businesses in the short or even medium term, can represent a formidable ally in our strategic thinking and creation processes, provided that we master its use!

➡️ Would you like to deepen the subject? Feel free to reach out to us!

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