Why? Brand Design: The Branding Expert to Follow This Year

Born in 2010 in Singapore, Why? Brand Design is a branding and design agency focusing on developing FMCG brands in Asia. Today, we are 35 designers and consultants strong from 12 countries, spearheading projects from brand creation to global rollouts.

We are 100% independent which allows us to be extremely agile and because of this we do our best to make everything possible for our clients ❤️️

Collaboration Drives Performance

Consistently, the feedback that we receive from our clients is that we are great to work with and this of course isn’t by accident. And, of course, it’s something that we’re really proud of! 🤗

At Why? Brand Design, we foster a collaborative environment that reinforces our genuine partnership between each client of ours. We want our clients to feel they can come to us with any problem knowing that we’ll do everything to create the best possible solution.

Personally Invested

We’re all about people first: It starts with creating an environment where our teams can be at their best. We’re not looking to force fit anybody to a ‘defined role’ but rather craft roles to fit the teams skills — this definitely sets us apart! 🙌

For us, the right person is a balance of fit both in terms of skill and innate curiosity. Essentially, our conviction is once an employee is empowered, their enthusiasm does the rest 💁

Inspiring Creativity

The sentiment ‘great to work with’ spills over internally as well. We’re not big on egos. Instead, we’re big on creativity (duh!). Roll up your sleeves, bring your A-game and be part of a well-oiled team 💪

Nevertheless, we focus on growing the teams’ capabilities too. Hence, be willing to share both your time and expertise.

Play To Your Strengths

Diversity is the key to success, after all we are a team from 12 countries globally. Not only do we know and understand each other’s strengths, we work together to leverage our individual strengths for the collective good. Ultimately, bringing out everyone’s uniqueness 🌈☘

Looking for a place to indulge your creative side? Go all out with Why? Brand Design today!

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