Tech Opportunities in the Logistics Sector

Trent Global College (TGC) of Technology and Management has monumentous efforts in growing the tech talent community in Singapore, offering courses as well as free workshops; Legend Logistics Group has been spearheading the charge to digitally transform the logistics industry with their new subsidiary, Legend Fintech. The opportunity to connect these two companies was clear, and so birthed the Wantedly meetup on the morning of 16 September on the campus of Trent Global College, a career talk to connect the aspiring tech talents of Trent Global College with the newly launched Digital Transformation arm of Legend Group, Legend Fintech.

The morning started with an address from the representative from Wantedly, Andrew, to facilitate and set the context of the meetup between TGC and Legend. There was an emphasis on the Wantedly way of filling job positions where a company’s values, mission and goals speak to the potential employee, thus creating loyalty and synergy between the employee and employer. This culture of alignment has plenty of benefits in the long term. Andrew also shared career advice on personal branding and the importance of researching, both on the ends of employees and employers.

TGC is dedicated to delivering creative and innovative learning experiences, with the mission to inspire lifelong learning that builds on intellectual, professional, and personal development. The students that attended this career talk have just undergone TGC’s Software Development Bootcamp, which can be done either full-time (completed in 4 months) or part-time (completed in 7 months). Students were trained in the fundamentals of web application development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. They then graduate with, or will graduate with a Diploma in Web Application Development. These tech talents were the attendees of this career talk to learn more about the logistics industry and potential job openings within Legend Group itself.

Legend Logistics Group is a global leader in the logistics industry. The introduction of Legend Logistics was headed by Raymond Lim, a Senior Project Manager under their digitalisation department. As part of this department, he aspires to make a difference in the world by empowering the traditional logistics, supply chain management, and transportation sectors with practical FinTech solutions. Legend Fintech was launched in 2022 as part of Legend Logistics’ global expansion and digital transformation. To reach that goal, it has launched its maiden service, TradeGo, a trade finance service that reduces inventory carrying cost, finance cost and time to secure finance by utilising technology for Legend Logistics’ customers.

Fintech is a largely growing sub-specialisation, especially in the Logistics and shipping industry. Logistics and shipping is an area that is very closely related to our livelihood, as they transport raw commodities to our household. Being such an important industry that has the potential to have an enormous impact on the lives of people, digitalisation and streamlining the processes behind it (such as through the use of Fintech solutions) is incredibly attractive. Additionally, with Singapore’s status for tax-free warehouses and its role as a hub for imports and exports, the shipping and freight industry, specifically in Singapore, makes for an incredibly competitive industry, and all the more so in its technological sector. It is thus an incredible opportunity for job seekers.

Legend emphasised the importance of a family orientated culture within their company, which is why there is such dedicated focus and care put into their onboarding process to ensure that new hires feel welcome, as shared by one of the newer members of the Legend team who was a part of the company representatives.

In spirit of the friendly and open culture of TGC, Legend group, as well as Wantedly, each student was given the opportunity to be known personably by sharing about themselves, their interests, and what stage of their career they are in. Wantedly and Legend group then handed out goodies to the students of TGC as a thanks for attending the talk.

As the meeting wound down, there were opportunities for the students and Legend to mingle and network, connecting on their socials so that they may stay in touch. As it hit noon and the attendees of the career talk trickled out of the room, Wantedly wished all the best to TGC students and to Legend Logistics to find their “job match made in Wantedly”!

Interested in dipping your toes into the world of tech? Trent Global College’s beginner friendly boot camp may be just for you! They also have some job openings that you can check out here!

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