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Project Manager for new global team!


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  • British-born and raised, I've been living in Tokyo since 2001 where I’m currently Creative Director at A.C.O. Inc.

    I help my clients make brands that their customers love, balancing function and emotion. I work mainly with Japanese businesses, bringing a global perspective to the team.

    In the ...

  • 代表取締役

  • 情報設計に特化したUXデザイナー(情報アーキテクト)です。大規模サイト(数百〜数千ページ規模)や多言語グローバルサイトのリニューアル、新規サービス立ち上げにおいて、企画・構造設計・遷移設計・画面設計などを担当しています。ビジュアルデザインに長けた人と組むと力を発揮します。

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  • UI Design / Communication Design

What we do

  • デジタル領域のコミュニケーションのスペシャリストとして業界を牽引してきました。
  • 戦略企画、コンサルティング、クリエイティブディレクション、開発進行、編集企画、アクセス解析を一括で担います。

What we do

As part of the Monstarlab group, A.C.O. are the design specialists of a global digital consultancy. Our award-winning work blends branding, UX, UI and visual design to not only solve our clients’ needs, but also make something they (and their customers) fall in love with.

A.C.O.’s clients are currently based mainly in Japan, but with an increase in collaboration across the group, opportunities for global projects are growing fast. With locations in 16 countries and 27 cities including New York, London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai, there are new markets available to us through the Monstarlab group.

Clients range from startups to listed global companies, across B2B and B2C in industries including healthcare, finance, travel and many more. We focus on digital design — mobile apps and websites, but projects increasingly cross over into the physical through IoT such as wearables and smart buildings.

At any time more than 30 projects are in progress, so unlike a career based around an in-house product, a career at A.C.O. exposes you to a huge variety of projects. In short, the problems we help our clients solve are varied, challenging and always fresh.

See a range of client projects (in Japanese): https://aco-tokyo.com/work/
Read our latest methods and thinking (in Japanese): http://aco-tokyo.com/journal/

Why we do

  • グローバルにも対応できる強力なチームとして成長を続けています。
  • 自社メディアでは社員が記事をライティング。コンテンツ・マーケティングの知見は顧客への提案に活かされています。

Why we do

We believe a good design not only solves a problem, but also creates an emotional connection. Really good design is both functional and emotional — so we strive to design experiences that are loved. With that in mind we always start with people, and design with empathy.

Digital platforms allow us to reach millions of people. By linking cutting edge technology with stunning design, we can make an impact around the world — solving people’s problems and making them a little happier in the process.

How we do

  • プロジェクト毎にチームが編成され、全員が顧客の課題解決に挑みます。
  • 2人並んで考え創る、ペアワーキングを推奨しています。

How we do

A.C.O. team backgrounds include architecture, automotive design, information and graphic design, as well as experts from a range of sectors beyond the design industry. This variety helps us find new perspectives and is part of what makes us unique. With a British Creative Director on the board, we’re a Japanese company with a global outlook.

Our human-centered approach to design means that however digital the output, understanding how real people actually live and interact plays a big role. UX research provides insights that leads to more meaningful designs, backing up inspiration with evidence.

A.C.O. has been designing for 20 years now, and we’ve learned how to create what matters — a fulfilling, healthy, educational culture where everyone can learn, grow and be happy.

A.C.O. Playbook — read about our values (in Japanese)

Staff Stories — articles introducing members across the team (in Japanese)

As a new team member

As a new team member

You’ll be working alongside our Creative Director, James as part of a new team focused on growing our business beyond the Japanese market through new overseas projects in Monstarlab’s global network.

You’ll be creating pitches together, and driving projects from kick-off through to successful launches and beyond. A.C.O. has a proven track record in Japan of delivering stunning designs for clients including Toyota, AGC and Recruit, and through the new team we’ll take our knowhow to markets in Asia and beyond.

As Project Manager your job will include:
• Planning and managing schedules, tasks and budgets
• Defining and controlling the scope of projects
• Being the point of contact for clients
• Connecting design and development teams
• Working on new proposals, and helping successfully pitch them

Projects will include planning and creating new digital services such as apps and websites, sometimes including user research and workshops. It will be challenging, satisfying work with opportunities to mix with talented people across a range of specialisms, cultures and backgrounds.

We’re looking for:
• 4+ years project management experience (including 2+ years experience of web and/or app production)
• A good understanding of the processes and technologies in web and mobile app design and production, including front-end coding best practices, and experience with content management systems such as Wordpress.
• Excellent business-level communication skills in English and Japanese
• Experience in projects with budgets exceeding ¥10,000,000

About you:
• You enjoy taking the initiative and drive things forward
• You’re flexible, and can adapt to new challenges quickly
• You enjoy building relationships across cultures
• You have an eye for details and a desire to make the best you can
• You’re interested in the design process

Get in touch with your resumé and let’s organize a video call to find out more.

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  • Project Manager for new global team!