A dreamer at heart, Xin Han is eager to to make his impact on the world. Having been exposed to a small variety of working environments, he is a sensitive team player who seeks to make the most out of every situation. Xin Han's empathetic personality also leads him to care about the people around him, sometimes more than necessary! He spends his free time reading, climbing, running in nature parks and setting unrealistic expectations upon himself.


In the future

To become a digital content producer that can bring about smiles and positive change to the world!

Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd2 months

Marketing Assistant


I helped to create visual designs (festive EDM, voucher, posters) for circulation among employees. I took charge of other administrative responsibilities such as receiving/sending parcels, managing marketing storeroom to free up time for my supervisors.

SMRT7 months

Marketing Intern, Infocomm and Organisational Excellence


I was tasked to design and execute the first wave of internal publicity campaign to raise awareness for the 'Kaizen' initiative amongst employees. I planned a timeline of events for the different marketing components (online and offline marketing collaterals, social media contests, videos) to be implemented.

COCO PR & Communications Agency3 months

Junior Account Executive(Intern)


As the first employee of COCO PR & Communications, I worked closely with my Managing Director, Shanthi, to formulate strategies to propel our clients into the media spotlight. In order to write compelling stories and form interesting angles for our clients, I attended client meetings with her to understand and act on their needs.


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Writing

  • Writing & Editing

  • Design

  • Marketing Communications, Public Relations, interpersonal skills and 2 skills

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