Varun Kumar

JIG-SAW INC. / Software EngineerTokyo

Varun Kumar

JIG-SAW INC. / Software Engineer

Software Development Intern working in Tokyo

I am a software engineer currently working in Tokyo. Currently working as a full-stack developer, I use Python (Django) for backend and JavaScript (React) for the frontend.


In the future

Advance in my career as a full-stack engineer.

JIG-SAW INC.4 years

Software EngineerPresent

- Present

• Added new features to improve the authentication system in a Django based API. • Worked on features in ReactJS based console for data analysis and IoT device monitoring. • System designing using AWS services for automated database cleanup and other purposes.

Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

Masters in Information Technology

JIG-SAW Inc.3 months

Software development intern(Intern)


• Developed a command-line interface for IoT Devices. • Improved security of the data transferred from an IoT Device to the cloud.

Industrial Technology Research Institute3 months

R&D Intern


• Researched the effects of light from virtual reality headsets on the human circadian rhythm. • Developed an Android app to calculate circadian parameters using a spectral sensor.

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology3 months

Research Intern


• Researched on machine learning techniques for artistic style transfer from paintings to images and mixing of multiple styles with the user-defined proportion of selected style. • Developed an Android app to produce pastiche using the neural network from user input and presented research work in the poster session.

Google Summer of Code with FOSSASIA4 months

Android Developer(Intern)


• Increased adoption of FOSSASIA’s Open Event standard by implementing it within open source conference applications. • Wrote blogs and daily scrum to document the process and enhance technical communication skills.

24x7Table2 months

Android Developer(Intern)


• Developed a customer response app for restaurants to keep the track of user responses by viewing the data collected in graphical form. • Developed Android UI for customer relationship management app for the team.


  • Android

  • Java

  • C++

  • Algorithm

  • Git

  • JavaScript, React, Django and 1 skills

Accomplishments / Portfolio


  • English - Professional
  • Hindi - Native

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