Experienced web developer adept in all stages of advanced web development. Knowledgeable in user interface, testing, and debugging processes. Bringing forth expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of web systems. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set. Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Vue.JS , La-ravel , React , Dart, Flutter, Blockchain ,AI etc. A


In the future

As an experienced full-stack developer, I strive to be the best developer not only with the best technology, but also with great team members to grow the company.

Wombo2 years

Senior AI Engineer


- Developed machine learning models and implemented AI algorithms to solve complex business problems. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate AI capabilities into existing software systems.

Onyx Team3 years

Senior Blockchain Engineer


- Web3 integration implementation for all pages. - Pixel perfect design implementation and management for the frontend team. - Required and managed to senior developers for the training junior developers.

3 commas1 year

Full Stack Engineer


- Collaborated with external programmers to coordinate delivery of 6 new software applications. - Consulted in the redesign of a company's website, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic.

Untehter AI8 months

Front End Engineer


- Conducted 4 customer evaluations for research purposes to support Cheif Information Officer with daily operations. - Developed strategy and architecture for clients in alignment with business plans and managed delivery of end-to-end projects.

Toronto Metropolitan University5 years

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science


- Bachelor's degree of Computer Science. - Faculty of Science with GPA 3.0.


  • React, Vue, Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, Flutter, Python, Django, Solidity, Smart contract,



  • English - Native

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