Sungwoong Chang

VMware / Senior Consultantソウル

Sungwoong Chang

VMware / Senior Consultant

データセンタソリューションに対する多様な経験 サーバ及びストレージなどハードウェアから、仮想化、マネジメントなどさまざまなデータセンタやインフラソリューションについて、設計、プリセールス、プロジェクトマネージャーなどの多様な経験を持っています。


In the future

IT infrastructure area like DC, Cloud, Virtualization,etc

VMware9 years

Senior ConsultantPresent

- Present

仮想化、クラウドソリューションについてのコンサルティング業務に従事 VMware PSO(Professional Services Organization) has responsibility for delivering Consulting services to customer based on VMware's solutions and products.

Oracle2 years

Principal Sales Consultant


オラクルの仮想化ソリューションOracle VDIに対するプリセールス、コンサルティング業務に従事 Oracle VDI is a Desktop Virtualization solution which contains session broker and management software to Sun Ray Zero Client Hardware.

EMC2 years

Senior Solutions Architect


データセンター、仮想化プロジェクトに対するコンサルティング業務に従事 Working at EMC Global services for IT infrastructure consulting services and Sungwoong is responsible for delivering of Virtualization related professional service. delivered complex design and pre sales for selected opportunities and projects.

About Dell

Dell6 years

Solution Architect


workign in Dell GICS(Global Infrastructure Consulting Service) Sungwoong is delivering consulting services for Storages and Virtualization which is based on Dell's IPs. and Sungwoong is also woring as a Virtualization evangelist for Dell's Enterprise customers.

Technical Sales Representative

Working at Dell ASG(Advanced Systems Group) and Sungwoong was working for technical sales of Dell's Enterprise Solutions like Servers and Storages. and He ahieved his quota for Enterprise products. during his tenure he was covering Korean big enterprise and SMB as well.

大林情報通信4 years

System Engineer


@Daelim I&S System/Infra DepartmentServer(X86, Blade) System EngineerStorage(SAN,NAS,DAS) EngineerDatacenter related solution(HA, Backup) specialist

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