Sumit Yadav

Works Applications Pte. Ltd. / Full Stack DeveloperSingapore

Sumit Yadav

Works Applications Pte. Ltd. / Full Stack Developer

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Works Applications Pte. Ltd.7 years

Full Stack DeveloperPresent

- Present

1. Full-stack developer using Google Closure / Javascript as Front-end, combining with Java, integrating with Kafka, Redis technology with predominant focus on back-end development. 2. Applying Micro Service Architecture (MSA) technology, to create an independent maintaina


    I have made an attempt to create a recommendation with this dataset with the naive assumption that the person’s taste in movie doesn’t evolve with time.


    • Goal is to predict credit card fraud in the transactional data. • I have used tensor flow to build the predictive model, and t-SNE to visualize the data set in two dimensions. • This projects includes :- Exploring the data, Building the neural Network, Visualizing the data with t-SNE.

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Engineering Physics


  • English - Professional
  • Hindi - Native

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