Joseph Chow

Self employed / Front-end developer

Joseph Chow

Self employed / Front-end developer

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Self employed12 years

Front-end developerPresent

- Present

I have worked off and on as a self-employed developer over the years, helping to build a wide variety of projects. These largely focus on front-end web development but from time to time, other kinds of projects have cropped up as well.

Facebook / TEKSystems3 years

Creative Coder


I worked as a "creative coder" for Facebook through a third party staffing agency(TEKSystems).

Rare Volume5 months

Freelance Developer / Apprentice(Intern)


I worked at Rare Volume for a little bit as a Freelance Developer / Apprentice back in the later half of 2018.

University of California - Los Angeles

Design | Media Arts

Studied design from the perspective of a programmer in addition to pursuing other forms of media production like video and sound.

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