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Filmhub5 months

Fullstack Developer(Contractor)


- Lead team migration from Bootstrap to Chakra UI, improving the reusability of components - Used Cypress to implement automated e2e tests achieving a 92% codebase coverage - Simplified and sped-up deployments by 20%, migrating backend from Rails to Vercel serverless

Fashinza5 months

Software Engineer


- Developed payment system tracking dashboard with invoices, GRN, and debit note using Recharts and React Table - Setup strict lint rules and modified Webpack configuration resulting in increased build performance - Refactored disorganized class components into functional components using Typescript

Nth Opinion8 months

Frontend Developer


- Developed a Lobby management app in React for our telemedicine platform - Implemented automated end-to-end testing using Cypress - Improved landing page with Gatsby resulting in increased website traffic


  • TypeScript

  • React

  • Node.js

  • CSS3


Accomplishments / Portfolio

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