Tsuyoshi Niwa

Self employed / iOS developer

Tsuyoshi Niwa

Self employed / iOS developer

International Coordinator with seven years of experience in mastering studios, a Multilingual Support Engineer skilled in navigating migration projects between New York and Tokyo, and an iOS Developer crafting apps since 2013. Born in Tokyo, with a teenage upbringing in Mexico, I seamlessly bridge cultures and languages. Beyond the tech realm, my passion for jazz music has taken me to stages in Ne


In the future

My ambition is to cultivate a sustainable and fulfilling life in the vibrant energy of New York. Striving to seamlessly integrate my professional pursuits as an International Coordinator and iOS Developer, I aim to contribute to innovative projects while creating a harmonious balance that allows me to immerse myself in the world of jazz m

Self employed10 years

iOS developerPresent

- Present

I've developed six iOS apps and one Android app.

International Christian University4 years

Liberal Arts (Chemistry)


My senior thesis is an organic qualitative and quantative analysis of pestiside residues in Chinese oolong tea.

Awards and Certifications

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