Marc Wong

Stevenson Hureca / Head, Digital Marketing and Engagement

Marc Wong

Stevenson Hureca / Head, Digital Marketing and Engagement

Host, YouTube Talk Show "Career Banter" | Upskilling Evangelist

Former Senior Specialist for PSB Academy's Student Affairs and Industry Engagement, whose role involved heavily in establishing industry relations in the STEM, HR and Education fields. (Still) a passionate advocate for students, who oversaw key initiatives to equip young talent with future-ready career skills, while overseeing the development of industry partnerships to advance graduate employability efforts.


In the future

- My ambition is to support adult learners with high quality upskilling opportunities. - One day to become a professional on-chain analyst for cryptocurrencies (before I turn 50)

Stevenson Hureca2 years

Head, Digital Marketing and EngagementPresent

- Present

Currently serving in a new role with SSG-accredited ATO Stevenson Hureca where I will be driving efforts to enhance the employability of local talent.

Passion Project (my "mental yoga")2 years

Cryptocurrency Technical Analyst(Side)Present

- Present

With a firm grasp of technical and fundamental analysis, I trade and invest in digital currencies on an occasional, self-paced basis as a way to cultivate critical thinking, emotional resilience, and research skills. You can say it's like "mental yoga" for me.

The Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association ACCESS2 years

Associate Member(Side)Present

- Present

PSB Academy Singapore4 years

Senior Specialist (Career Services & Industry Engagment)


• Led and maintained the development of local and regional industry partnerships that advance PSB Academy’s graduate employability efforts for the STEM sector

  • Volunteer Mentor

    Invited on a board panel of volunteer mentors under InterviewsConnect (an initiative by tech startup Octopus8, supported by National Youth Council)

  • Deep Dive Workshop Speaker

    I was honoured to be invited as one of the speakers for The National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS) Annual Conference 2020, where I shared a 90 minute Deep Dive Workshop, titled "Best Practices to Boost Your Workshop Registrations: An Evolution of PSB Academy's Career Services Marketing Since 2017".

  • Connect the Community: Design Challenge 2020 Highly Commended Entrant

    Selected by the Connect the Community: Design Challenge judging team as a highly commended entrant for my project concept submission - a gadget using assistive technology to support the visually impaired living in isolation during Covid-19

Singapore Human Resources Institute5 years

Assistant Manager, Capability Development Centre


Success Resources Group7 years

Content and Event Executive


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