WEb and Blockchain developer

Hello I hope your business growing very well I'm a web and blockchain developer with 6+ years of experience I have rich experience in Blockchain and Web development.


In the future

My goals is to become PM that have rich experience in web and blockchain developer so that create successful project

Re.co,Ltd6 months

web developer


• configured the development environment of Djanog+vue3.js project by using Docker • comibined Django backend and vue3/typescript frontend by using vite.

myMessage Foundation Pte. Ltd1 year

Blockchain Developer


•Create a smart contract for muti chain Mymessage token presale ,vesting and social media in solidity • built the the Main site for presale, staking and encrypted Message in php, html/css, jQuery, phpWeb3, laravel

CASPER-PAD.Co, LTD 2 months

Blockchain Developer


• Design and configured of the whitelist token Presale with Vesting Feature •Create token and presale and airdrop contract with vesting feature for CSPD presale by mercle tree comparative

Web and Blockchain developer1 year

Self employed


•Token Pre-sale with ICO, Airdrop system with whitelist implemented with Merkle tree, and vesting Feature •Farms and Staking pools with Native Tokensand BUSD •Collection base Mint system (Lazy Mint for zero gas fee) based on ERC 721.

Self employed7 months

Blockchain developer


•Mint site which is on the Juno chain, one of famous Cosmos chains, built this project using Rust/Cosmwasm. •Front-end with react and smart contract with Rust/Cosmwasm, it is the part of famous market place Hopers.io which is famous marketplace project on Juno chain by u

Self-employed8 months

Full Stack Developer


• Worked with Node JS and Express to build micro-service and deployed jwt and passport middleware to handle authentication • Design Responsible for implementing UI mockups, integrating third party React libraries, and handling/creating Redux store data

Winlight.co, Ltd1 year

PHP Web Developer


• Used all aspects of MySQL/PHP programming (object-oriented PHP),Laravel, wordpress framework in lamp environment. •Conceptual and detailed design for state-of-the-art and complex development projects based on PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, javascript, git.

Self-employed 2 years

MERN Stack Developer


• Analyzed business requirement to translate functional requirements into technical requirements and developed web application using MongoDB, Express, Node JS and React JS/Redux (MERN stack). • Designed and implemented the data flow of the React application by wiring up

Dailian University of Techonology5 years




  • web3

  • Solidity

  • React

  • Ethereum

  • PHP

  • Laraval, JavaScript, Node.js and 7 skills


  • English - Native

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