Koki Nagahata

叙々苑 / part time job

Koki Nagahata

叙々苑 / part time job

Do my best

I am a freshman at Temple University Japan campus. I just started learning about business and still don't know what I want to do in the future. But I do want to work at a company that is international and want to work overseas. Right now My skills are Speaking English and Japanese and also can do basic Micro soft things. In my university life, I would like to make a lot of connections throughout the world and would like to learn how business works in the world.


In the future

I want to get more skills that could benefit me in the future and also I want to know more about business since I just started studying.

叙々苑2 years

part time jobPresent

- Present

I tried to make customers feel good at the place I was working and want to repeat coming to the place again.

Temple University, Japan Campus5 years



I started learning about business.


  • ポジティブ

  • クリエイティブ

  • 翻訳

  • 映像編集



  • Japanese - Professional
  • English - Conversational

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