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In pursuit of ongoing growth and learning

Passionate and results-driven professional adept at crafting and implementing robust organizational operational structures. Known for a keen problem-solving mindset, thrive in navigating challenges, particularly within small enterprise startup environments. Proven track record of delivering exceptional results and fostering continuous improvement, bringing expertise in leveraging a deep understanding of business operations and systems to fortify startup fundamentals.


In the future

To be better than yesterday and to help others whenever I can to achieve far greater things that I can individually achieve

The University of Queensland, Australia3 years

Master of Sport Coaching


Early in my coaching career, I embraced the challenge of enhancing my sports coaching skills. What began as a pursuit to excel in my profession evolved into a profound journey of personal growth. Beyond refining my coaching abilities, I gained invaluable insights into men


  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Highly motivated to learn

  • Humor

  • Positive thinking

  • Analysis, Team Building


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