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  • Rick and Morty's series

    Long before the show began, Roeland's voice with Rick and Morty was laughable among his friends. It is said that what makes the show unique is Roeland's way of performing votes for both characters, his ability to quickly switch between them and improvising many Sentences and attitudes by talking to himself. But that wasn't going to happen at the beginning, as Adult Swim didn't agree at first to have Roeland make the voice of Murti. Instead, they were looking for famous performers like Billy West, who participated in many The shows include Space Jam, where he performed the voice of Bugs Bunny and another character, as well as Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, and actress (Tara Strong), which has performed many voices in popular movies such as The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10, and many video games such as Batman: Arkham series. The episode entitled Lawnmower Dog in Rick and Morty's series adds more hints to the series or rather the project. There's a little dog named Snowball, but Rick makes a mistake and calls him Raffles.

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