Judy Jungbin Nam

REMAX / Sales Consultantバンクーバー

Judy Jungbin Nam

REMAX / Sales Consultant

I'm deeply passionate about business development. While I was at Oracle, I worked as a business development person bringing new ideas from overseas to Japan for new sales methodology. I also dealt with many different Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, telecommunications, media and consumer products.


In the future

I'm currently in sales / marketing but I'm interested in running my own venture - in field of language (online teaching, real time translating). I woul like to leverage my experience from Canada and Japan and build a platform for Japan's speedy globalization.

REMAX12 years

Sales ConsultantPresent

- Present

Oracle4 years

Sales Consultant


Fujitsu4 years

System Engineer


ブリティッシュコロンビア大学 (UBC)




比較文化 (日本語)

Handsworth Secondary School

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