Jinjutha Khokasai

Ryobi Limited / CAE Engineer

Jinjutha Khokasai

Ryobi Limited / CAE Engineer

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I am a junior data scientist with deep knowledge of automotive and manufacturing processes. I am also experienced in project management and CAE analysis


In the future

I am working toward being able to have an opportunity in the Data scientist field. I am challenging myself on Kaggle, or practicing some of the cool python projects in my spare time. Another one of my goals is to get JLPT N1, I have been living in Japan for almost 7 years

Ryobi Limited7 years

CAE EngineerPresent

- Present

In charge of Metal flow/Solidification/Distortion analysis of product and mold. ▪️Prevent future production failure. ▪️Improve current product quality.

Application Engineer

In charge of overseeing the design and production process. ▪️Make a Technical design review for the customer. ▪️In charge of Product mechanical drawing and review (2D/3D). ▪️Lead cross-function team meeting.

Le Wagon Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)2 months

Data Science Bootcamp


9-week full-time intensive coding Bootcamp to learn Data Science with Python: Data Analytics with SQL,BigQuery, Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib; Statistics with Scipy, Seaborn and Statsmodels;

  • Fall Detector

    The aim of the algorithm is to continuously track our users' everyday activity, and in the case of a fall event, send a notification to a dedicated contact for immediate assistance. Partnered with Zeteoh, a Japanese company that deploys deep learning models on small devices


Hiroshima University (広島大学大学院工学研究科)3 years

Transportation and Environmental System (郵送環境システム専門)


Thesis involved computer vision using bird-eye view camera to help with ship berthing by tracking the movement of the ship related to the berth. 研究テーマ:離着桟支援システムの開発

Mazda Motor Corporation

CAE Engineer(Intern)

Task with improve the strength of car's chassis 強度解析(Nastran)における、シャーシ強度向上のため、形状変更の提案をする。

Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University4 years

Mechanical Engineer (機械工学部)


Minor in Automotive Engineer. Thesis involved designing a prototype product for a private company. 研究テーマ:「有限会社」プロトタイプの廃発

Siam Toyota Manufacturing co. ltd2 months

Support Engineer(Intern)


Task with creat a layout for the current production plant with Autocad that will be used to plan a new line production in the future. Autocadにおける、工場のレイアウトの作成。


  • Python

  • Machine learning

  • Git

  • Siemen NX



Accomplishments / Portfolio

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