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Physics graduate with experience in multiple scope of work in the Information Technology landscape, including Patch and Vulnerability management, SAN Storage infrastruction, Active Directory and Exchange services. I am interested in various technical roles as I hoped to focus on learning and gaining more skills and perspective of the different areas of the industry.

Defence Science and Technology Agency4 years



Patch and Cybersecurity compliance management.

  • System Administrator

    System Administrator role for infrastructure operations and maintenance in a closed and classified network environment. Scope of work includes patch and vulnerability compliance management, storage maintenance, Exchange Email services and liaison with external stakeholders to provide infrastructure support to the enterprise.

  • Refresh and replacement of Patch Management System

    Replaced the existing patch management system, HPSA, and implemented the new system, SCCM, after research and testing. Onboarded all existing servers onto the new service procedurally within a fixed time period and ensured that functionality was proper before retiring the old system.


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