Fujinami Ryoji

Fujinami Architects & Associates (Singapore) / Architectural ExecutiveSingapore

Fujinami Ryoji

Fujinami Architects & Associates (Singapore) / Architectural Executive

An architect (4 years) turned Full Stack Software Engineer. Went through a 4-month software engineering bootcamp (Singapore). Singapore Citizen and holds work visa for Japan. English and Japanese Native, Mandarin Chinese Business Fluent. My strengths are in frontend (Javascript React, Vue, Typescript) and backend (NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL).


In the future

I want to make a difference to society by improving the every day user's quality of life, through a company that creates a service targeting societal issues and improving users' quality of life.

Fujinami Architects & Associates (Singapore)5 years

Architectural ExecutivePresent

- Present

My responsibilities included designing and producing visual 3D mock-ups, drafting the plans and tender documents for industrial, residential and institutional clients. I collaborated with other consultants, liaised bilingually with government agencies, contractors and clients to facilitate smooth running of projects. Also, I oversaw the m

Rocket Academy6 months

Software Engineering Bootcamp (Singapore)


Full-stack app development, data structures and algorithms.

  • To Denizens: From Locals (Capstone Project)

    A user-driven app for travelers in Japan to explore local gems and for locals to share information. • Mastered Typescript within a week, handled data flow between frontend and backend by extracting relevant data. • Documented Axios API calls with Swagger UI to facilitate understanding and managing of the various API calls. • Built modular chatrooms with Socket.IO in frontend and backend for real-time communications between users. • Conducted research on trending Instagram posts of places in Japan and derived the determining hashtags. • Designed and developed a maps page with Google Maps API to display information of user-generated and curated places of interest, using React state and Axios requests. Implemented user-submitted feedback on the crowd intensity of places. Incorporated interactive distance analysis to display nearby places of similar categories. • Collaborated with 2 others to develop the app, facilitated code review sessions and integrated each other's works.

  • Safe Space

    An app which provides customized therapist matching services for people seeking help • Designed and built complex database architecture and standardized backend model and controllers for the matching and interactions between therapists and patients. • Built a calendar that keeps track of appointments and journals for therapist and patient portals, using MVC framework. Developed appointments & blocked dates system using CRUD operations in Sequelize & PostgreSQL. • Spearheaded the development with 2 others, collaborated in pair programming and integrated each other's works.

  • PokeStory

    A 1v1 PvP and PvE Pokemon Battler App • Designed and implemented data structure within Firebase. Utilized CRUD principles to create and retrieve game data throughout the game. Optimized the initial retrieval of Pokemon data from PokeAPI and reduced users' load time by layering parallel API calls via Axios requests. • Conceptualized and implemented game logic for PvE and real-time PvP battles. Introduced Pokemon type effectiveness game mechanics and score system to further improve user experience. • Collaborated with two other members to develop the app, handle merge conflicts and coordinate pull requests.

  • Code A

    Construction code checklist for private residential projects • Conducted research on government agencies in Singapore and determined the fundamental design parameters for private residential construction projects. Analyzed and extracted possible show stopper regulations across all government agencies and structured according to development and construction type. • Implemented the customization of checklist, enabling users to add and delete personalized items. • Integrated a npm package, allowing saving of the generated checklist in pdf format and sharing with stakeholders.

Software Engineering Basics Course (Singapore)

Coding Basics in Javascript

早稲田大学 (Tokyo, Japan)4 years

Bachelor of Architecture


Specialized in Architectural Design. Graduate thesis - Research on the Architectural Language of Metapolis based in Barcelona.

Republic of Singapore Air Force3 years

National Service


Served as a sergeant in the Airfield Maintenance Squadron from 2013 to 2014.

Raffles Institution6 years

GCE 'A' Levels (Singapore)


Six-year Integrated Programme (IP) from Grade 7 to Grade 12 (Middle School to High School). GCE ‘A’ Levels – Distinction in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and GP. Merit in Japanese and H3 Physics.


  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Native
  • Mandarin - Professional

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