22.02.2022 Charity Initiative Launch

On 22 February, 2022,

Which marks our 9th anniversary and the namesake date “Triple 2”, we launched our brand new community initiative for giving back to elderly staying alone in Singapore to tide through rough times including health concerns and rising living costs.

Giving Back

Each year, we make ad-hoc donations and volunteer for various projects but this time, we are leading our own!

For this initiative, Triple 2 Studio will match dollar-for-dollar for every voucher purchased in our maiden Fundigo campaign. The amount raised will be used to get basic necessities for elderly staying alone, and we need your support. As part of our commitment for contributing back to society, we aim to raise S$2,220 and will commit volunteers for distributing it on 28 March 2022.


Fundigo is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on impact businesses. As Singapore’s first reward-based crowdfunding platform that focuses on Impact-Driven Businesses, Fundigo empowers visions that make the world a better place.

For our flagship charity initiative, we are running a Buy Good, Do Good campaign:

  • As a supporter of our campaign, you will purchase grocery (Sheng Siong*) vouchers
  • These vouchers** are for your own use (who doesn't need grocery shopping?)
  • We target to sell $2,220 worth of vouchers in a month
  • When the target is reached, Triple 2 Studio will donate the same amount in-kind to needy senior residents in Tanjong Pagar vicinity, where we are based (support our kampung lah!)

*This campaign is not affiliated, endorsed or vetted by Sheng Siong in any ways.

Q: Are the vouchers physical or digital?
The vouchers are in physical form that can be redeemed at Sheng Siong outlets.

Q: Can I opt for pickup?
Sorry, we do not provide pickup. Only delivery option is available, vouchers will be mailed to you 2 weeks after campaign ends. You can choose to donate the vouchers to boost our giving back as well.

Q: What is the expiry?
There is no expiry on the vouchers.

As a family-run homegrown SME, focused on running boutique serviced apartments and building the product, service and value, we cherish building relationships with not just our clients and partners, but the community as well, because we know how important consistent and long-term support for one another is.

Thank You for your support, and we hope to see you soon.

Keep safe!

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