What we do

The Financialists™ was established as Harold Ng & Associates back in 2002. Harold Ng & Associates has earned the trust of clients through the years of assisting them in building financial security and providing peace of mind to them and their families. The founder Harold Ng, was expatriated in 2006 to Indonesia as President Director and CEO of PT Great Eastern Life Indonesia. Now based back in Singapore, Harold is eager to share the secrets of his success, and grow the business systems he has set up over the years. The ability to translate his sales experience and knowledge explicitly to his team is unique to Harold. Harold consistently seeks to expand his expertise, and is currently the only Singaporean attending the Strategic Coach Program in Chicago. In 2019, Harold Ng & Associates rebranded to The Financialists™. The name change corresponds with the vision to lead the industry in providing dynamic and comprehensive financial planning in Singapore. Harold also created The Financialists™ consulting methodology, which he actively coached The Financialists™ Planners and equips them for their own successful careers. The agency boasts a proven portfolio consistently maintained over the last decade. To date, a significant number from the team belong to the Million Dollar Round Table and Court of the Table, prestigious international trade associations. Being one of the top agency groups in Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd Singapore, the agency also produces the highest concentration of MDRT producers. The agency offers a comprehensive portfolio of products from personal insurance to business insurance, and retirement planning to estate planning in Singapore, with total account development capability.

Why we do

The ‘i’ in The Financialists™ represents our clients. Each client has their own individual needs and aspirations, and we partner with them to build success. Our clients are our focus and an integral part of our organisation. Our icon consists of four petals. They signify different parties working in a synergistic partnership.​ Financial Planners – to assist our clients to protect, build and grow their wealth. The Financialists™ – a robust system and innovation that provides clients with seamless solutions and continuous support. Business Partners – specially selected to provide affiliate services. Philanthropy Partners – to support private organisations that are focused on providing for and improving human welfare.

How we do

Our Vision We aim to be known in the industry for customising financial solutions that fit each of our unique clientele. Our financial planners will be highly experienced and financially proficient. They will possess deep understanding of clients’ needs and be able to customise solutions that create superior value. Our Mission We are focused on actively protecting and building wealth for our clients and generations to come. We support and drive our clients’ financial success in the High Networth realm in Singapore. Our Values Trust Synergistic Partnership Performance