Meeting Students from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Hello! This is Lily from teamLab recruiting team.

On March 22nd, students from NTNU (Norwegian: Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet) came to Tokyo all the way from Norway to listen to teamLab's co-founder, Daisuke Sakai's presentaiton★ The event was held in Odaiba!

Daisuke Sakai

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 1978. Graduated from Department of Mechanical and Information Engineering, University of Tokyo, Graduate school of interdisciplinary information, University of Tokyo. Studied wearable remote control system of humanoid robot at university.

【What we do? How we do?】

Sakai presented what we do and how we do our work in techlonogy, art, and creative world. Introducing our projects done all over the world such as the Expo in Milan 2015 and the exhibition in Paris, installations in Tokyo: DMM.PLANETS, A Forrest where Gods Lives and more.

In addition to that, he introduced our soon-to-be-open very first own Digital Art Museum also in Odaiba! He shared a little bit of our yet secret details of the immersive exhibition.

At the end of the presetation, many students had various questions to Sakai,
Some had fascinating questions asking our perspectives,

"When teamLab is about consciousness in 'reality', what do you see in 'virtual reality'? "
"Are you interested in combining teamLab experience with robotics?"

Other interesting questions were,

"Do you have any competitors in business?"
"What was teamLab's initial plan? Did you aim for art or other fields as well? "


After the presetation, NTNU members gave us a gift from Norway!
Thank you very much to the NTNU members for your thoughtful and lovely gift!

Thank you very much for having us today. It was such a great oppotunity to introduce ourselves to the students. And many of the students are going to visit our office tomorrow!! We all are looking forward to that as well.

We are looking for fellows who likes to work with us at teamLab.

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