Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students visited teamLab !!

Hello! This is Lily from recruiting team.

On 2/2, Students majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT visited our office!!

We had two speakers, Daisuke Sakai ( co-founder ) and Jasper Degens from interactive team, introducing our company, teamLab!

Sakai Daisuke / Co-founder

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 1978. Graduated from Department of Mechanical and Information Engineering, University of Tokyo, Graduate school of interdisciplinary information, University of Tokyo. Studied wearable remote control system of humanoid robot at university.

Jasper Degens / Interactive Engineer

Graduated the Department of Computer Science at Tufts University, USA in 2014. Worked as a consultant at a financial software company in London. During business trip to Vietnam, he designed music software and hardware for local musicians. In 2016 he joined teamLab interactive team. Participating in installation projects such as interactive projection mapping and in the spatial direction of sports events.

[ Who are we? What is teamLab? ]

In the first section, Sakai presented our "teamLab work points" and what we think the most critical.

There were many questions asked, “Why did you create teamLab?” and some deep questions like, “its image of digital art is strong, but what is your business aspect?”

[ teamLab = Art + Technology ]

In the second section, Jasper spoke about reasons for choosing teamLab and experience, workflow of working as a member of our Interactive Team.

※ Interactive Team is responsible for art products such as designing and developing interaction systems, developing LED control systems, mainly using Unity.

【 Interactive Team achievements 】
Crystal Universe
Sketch Town
Story of the Forest

"How can you build on your knowledge and skills gained at school?"

"Isn’t difficult to work overseas?"

"When creating art works, what languages do you use other than Unity?"

Everyone was truly ambitious, such as, and the question did not stop until the end time was barely finished.

And I feel sorry for not having much time….

We took a group photo at the end…!!

We had an after party at the night of the event, which was great!

Huge thank you to the MIT members who visited teamLab all the way from U.S.!!

We are looking for fellows who likes to work with us at teamLab.

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