What we do

Non-profits do extraordinary work but can lack the business skills they need to grow. Business people have those skills but need the right opportunities to share them. talenTtrust was founded to create those opportunities. talenTtrust is an award winning IPC charity whose mission is to strengthen other non-profits through skills based volunteering. With a range of pro bono programmes, we connect corporate leaders with non-profits to transfer the skills and knowledge needed to help inspiring social impact organisations upskill and scale. With non-profits exceling, their beneficiaries are better served and the broader Singapore community thrives.

Why we do

Our purpose: levelling up talent to amplify good Our mission: strengthening non-profits and their impact through skills-based volunteering

How we do

Most people are familiar with more traditional service-based volunteering: The type where you help to paint a school or read to kids. Whilst this is always a rewarding and helpful thing to do, it can require a lot of time, and often only achieves short-term outcomes. Skills-based volunteering allows you to put your specialist business skills to good use, offering advice and guidance to charities looking to professionalise and grow. This results in high-impact, sustainable change for the charity, and a growth in personal development for mentors. talenTtrust projects are designed to create maximum impact in manageable blocks of time.