Why Google Big Query? Value of MarTech for a Digital Analyst

Why Google BigQuery? - Insights from a Sparkline Digital Marketing Analyst

My role as a Data Analyst at Sparkline is to look at business problems and challenges presented to us or perhaps detected by us through our consultative approach. We then work through the data provided and form insights and recommendations to support our clients to cut through the noise and make sense of their customer data. Ok so that’s the ‘elevator pitch’ done now let’s explore more about how we, as Analysts are able to do what we do through utilising the Technology available to us….

As Consultants we are often asked our views on some of the endless options of Marketing and Analytics Technology out there in the market and one we are being asked a lot more recently is ‘ Why Google BigQuery?’

In our team here at Sparkline, Google Big Query is integral to the way in which we analyse our data sets and allows us to efficiently and effectively deliver our analysis and data visualisation projects.

Let’s explore a little further and allow me to provide my opinion and insights in more detail as only an Analyst should!

Google BigQuery is designed to be serverless, scalable and flexible. As technology improves, the vast amount of data which companies and institutions collect has become increasingly inefficient for existing infrastructure to keep up. The Cloud Infrastructure has been adopted by many, to better cope with storage, performance and the costs associated with them.

BigQuery is a great tool for data storage, computationally intensive queries and a powerful foundation for AI/Machine Learning offering the following:

· Real-time Analytics:
BigQuery high-speed streaming insertion API provides real-time analytics. BigQuery allows you to analyze what’s happening now by making your latest business data immediately available for analysis.

· Serverless Scalability:
BigQuery serverless technology and its unique pricing model, provides unparalleled performance with flexible infrastructure having the ability to call upon additional resources only when needed and paying only when its used.

· Secured Availability:
BigQuery automatically grants durable, replicated storage and high availability even in cases of extreme technical failure. Backed with the Cloud Identity and Access Management security feature for managing user access and data encryption.

· Seamless Integration:
BigQuery forms the data warehousing backbone for modern business intelligence solutions and enables seamless data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, reporting, machine learning and AI with tools from Google Suite.

It is certainly true that digital data analysis becoming a hugely significant skill to have within any business but the talent gap is still extremely wide and with such a myriad of pieces of Marketing Tech out there, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to navigate.

Choosing the right MarTech tool to fit your business can be a crucial way to ensure a more efficient and effective approach to Data Analysis and Management. Thus enabling business to understand their customers and their digital journey in a clearer fashion, making the data actionable! Awesome!

So in conclusion and in my humble opinion, by helping businesses understand their customers, operational efficiency, and more, Cloud Computing will only become increasingly relevant and knowledge of the most effective tools out there, far more valuable than ever before!

By Jervis Chionh - Data Analyst @ Sparkline






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