Looking to Transition into a Career in Data Analytics?

3 Ways Sparkline’s Analytics Academy Programme Can Help You Rocket to New Heights!

Are you new to the digital analytics industry and wish to discover more about the sector? Or are you looking to learn new skills in view of a career transition? If you’re looking to take your career to the next level - Analytics Academy by Sparkline is for you!

Why a career in Digital Analytics in the first place?

When looking at kick-starting your career in the field of data analytics it is worthwhile to note that these skills are in high demand. Figures from a recent study run by the IMDA Singapore for their 2018 manpower survey speak for themselves:

"Technical IT specialists in the following areas - IT Development, Network & Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Cyber Security & Infocomm Research and Development - were most in demand and expected to grow by about 20,100 in the next three years.

As of 1st June 2017, about 14,200 professionals were employed in such roles and an additional 1,300 roles remained vacant. Enterprises have projected the demand to grow by another 4,700 headcounts in the next three years (2018 – 2020)."

Now, read on to see how Sparkline’s Analytics Academy provides a future-proof framework for you to grow your expertise:

  1. Sparkline’s Analytics Academy is modular and self-paced.

“A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step” - Laozi

At Sparkline we understand that the best way to pick up something new is to pace oneself - that is, taking small steps to build the right foundation for future acceleration. Hence we have crafted Analytics Academy as an entirely self-paced, modular programme which you can follow at your own pace and time. Available on all devices, the online programme offers a flexible, on-the-go arrangement that is perfect for the needs of full-time professionals looking to develop new skills and build a new career direction.

  1. Sparkline’s Analytics Academy is a programme made by Analysts for Analysts.

As a digital analytics consultancy with more than 6 years of experience working with clients across APAC and New Zealand, we have seen the growth of the analytics industry over the years. Analytics Academy distils our consulting expertise with best-in-class training methodologies: For four years we partnered with Google and the IMDA as the training provider for the Squared Data & Analytics Programme. Graduates now work in Fortune 500 or unicorn businesses like Grab, DBS, FOX, Google and many more, with an approximate 16% higher than average starting salary.

  1. Sparkline’s Analytics Academy is a programme endorsed by the Digital Analytics Association.

Sparkline’s Analytics Academy is specifically developed and created from the DAA Competency Model for Digital Analytics professionals. Upon successful completion of the learning modules, you will earn a certificate as a “21st Century Digital Analyst.” You’ll also earn a Digital Badge to promote your credentials among your employer, peers, and other stakeholders.

Ready to own your career development?

Are you ready to own your career development as a future Data Analyst? Learn more about the programme curriculum here, we would love to help rocket you to new heights!

For more information on Analytics Academy or on any other training programmes and consulting services that we offer at Sparkline, get in touch today and speak to Sarah Ann Rebello, HR & Education Director at: sarahann@sparkline.com.

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