What we do

PHP Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore back in 1988, with the company spear headed by our Managing Director and founder, Mr Goh Som Seng. PHP provides engineering services for all buildings, chemical plants and environmental-related projects. In line with IoT-isation and Industrial 4.0, our company also offers our expertise and network to strategic partners in technology.

Why we do

PHP Engineering Pte. Ltd. was founded and named after our beliefs and goals - Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. We apply these to everything we do and everything we aim for - Building a better smart city. We are committed to promoting the development of open smart city platforms and vendor ecosystems, globally and locally.

How we do

In line with our business plan to position ourselves as the experts in mechanical & electrical engineering, IOT and blockchain relative to Business transformation and growth, we aim to become a key driver of Singapore's Smart Nation initiative. In line with IoT-isation and Industrial 4.0, we also offer our expertise and network.