How Hwei Min helps companies take care of their people, first.

This is an introduction of Lee Hwei Min, and her role at Life First Advisory including her services for business to take care of their assets.

After graduating from NUS, Hwei Min spent more than a decade in the media and advertising industry. Following the arrival of her children, and being inspired by her friends in financial advisory, she embarked on a journey to help people and companies understand the importance of risk management.

It has been an awesome 12 years on this journey, and I've never looked back.

What sets Hwei Min apart in her profession is that as she was in a corporate environment previously, she valued the opportunity to serve companies in the areas of employee benefits and talent retention. Through her experiences in the corporate world and being an employee for years, she is able to give unique perspectives and help companies craft solutions to their talent attraction and talent retention needs.

What are your personal values?

Hwei Min: Putting myself in my clients’ shoes has always been my guiding principle. I’d always ask myself how I may view this situation or work out a solution if the client was me. I don’t believe in having a “sales person” mentality. There is neither a one size fits all financial plan, nor a one size fits all employee benefits programme. It just does not exist.

To Be A Valued Partner

As a Corporate Solutions specialist from Life First Advisory International, Hwei Min prides herself in partnering her clients and adding value to their quest for meaningful and innovative solutions for employee well-being and talent retention.

In today's competitive business landscape, the LFA team understands the critical role a robust employee benefits programme plays in attracting and retaining top talent.

Comprehensive Suite of Tailored Corporate Solutions


LFA believes in the importance in understanding your current strength and identifying possible gaps in becoming an employer of choice. A meaningful benchmarking exercise enables the company to sharpen your efforts and ensure every dollar is optimally-spent.

Tailored Solutions

LFA recognise that every organization is unique. The team works closely with you to understand your company culture, demographics, and employee preferences to tailor benefits packages that align seamlessly with your objectives. These solutions go beyond health insurance and encompass a wide range of offerings to ensure your employees feel supported in all aspects of their lives.

Streamlined Administration

From the start of implementation to the ongoing administration of the programme, LFA's dedicated support team aims to simplify the process and make it easy for both your HR team and your employees to navigate.

Employee Education

A well-informed workforce is a satisfied and engaged workforce. LFA provides resources and materials to empower your employees with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their benefits.

Strategic Partnerships

LFA believes that it takes a village to take care of your people. The aim is to holistically help to engage your employees meaningfully through things that matter to them. With LFA's strategic partners, this "village" is ready to support you.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you in taking care of your most valuable asset: your employees.

What is one quote that you keep relooking at when the going gets tough?

For everything, there is a season.

Hwei Min: This is a bible verse that has helped me whenever the going gets tough. People go through different seasons during the same period of time. This helps me to be empathetic towards others and gives me a much needed “grit”.

We enjoyed learning about Hwei Min's journey to date, and how she empowers organisations to show that they value their people. Read on to hear from others!

“Hwei Min truly knows how to help you take care of your employees who take care of your business. Even when you feel there’s no way, Hwei Min’s positive attitude finds a way. No company is too small for her to help. The best part about getting her to help you is that she is a good listener and acts promptly. It is no wonder she was awarded top consultant for employee benefits.”

— Lim Fung Peen, Director of Yuen Law LLC, Head of Private Wealth Practice

Working with Hwei Min has been nothing short of exceptional! Hwei Min’s attention to detail and understanding of the right requirements needed for an employee benefits program plus the insurance needs of the organisation is what set her apart from other Financial Consultants.

— Eddie Stefanescu, General Manager APJ, Claroty Pte Ltd

I have enjoyed working with Hwei Min since the time our company engaged her on a benchmarking exercise and revamped our company's Employee Benefits Program. She is very prompt in her response, even on weekends, and whenever unsure of certain queries that we raised, she will take initiative to check and reply as soon as she can. She will always provide her views and advice professionally and will try her best to fight for us."

— Casandra Teo, Compensation & Benefits Lead, Wechain Fintech Pte Ltd

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