What we do

Proud to be a part of the Ideku Family!
As a technology company based in Singapore, Ideku came about from an idea to make a system or platform that will make it easier for users and business owners to grow their business and branding. Established in mid 2021, Ideku aims to develop a system that will help all online business owners, be it large or small. Some features that Ideku has include IdePage - for managing biolink, IdeShop - for managing online shops, IdeOmni - for integrating marketplaces and IdePos - a POS system to help grow businesses offline.

Why we do

We strive to win the satisfaction and hearts of our clients: Going above and Beyond!
With our system, Ideku hopes that our clients will not find much hassle in managing and doing their business. We want to become the most trusted global company for providing effective and efficient business platforms. We aim to simplified process and operation and also provide better insight for our customers to make the correct decision and planning. We listen to your issues you are facing, figure out a solution for you to resolve them.

How we do

Looking Green :)
As a team, we can do anything and everything.
Ideku's company culture revolves around: 1) Initiative: Working with all of our heart and spirit, all Ideku employees have high initiative, live up to our company values and will always work our best for the success of Ideku. 2) Dedication: Without a doubt, every Ideku employees are equipped with unwavering loyalty and dedication. We treat our company as our second home, where we could grow and develop. 3) Energy: High spirit and positive energy is ever-present in every Ideku's activities. Not only to work, but also to become a family. We learn. We have fun. We share happy memories together. 4) Competence: Hard work, initiative, dedication accompanied by high competence ensure our company's success. We believe that our employees are important assets for Ideku's progress. 5) Unique: Every employee is a unique individual. Every individual shine in his/her own way. Alongside Ideku, we will grow to become better and better.