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What we do

The Ramen Masters of Ramen Gallery Takumen
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Ramen Gallery Takumen is a Japanese ramen chain based in Singapore. It started operations in Singapore in early 2015 and has built a unique business model that is highly scalable. Our company currently has 3 stores in the CBD, and a central kitchen in Woodlands. Each store serves up to seven different ramens from famous stores in Japan. Our company also has access to 80 more unique recipes that can be rolled out in Singapore. The central kitchen prepares all seven ramen, freezes them in portions of three servings and then delivers to the stores on a just-in-time basis. This centralized production model ensures product quality and also reduces cost at each store. It also enables store rollouts through a franchise model. With its wide product range, our company is well positioned to capture a wide customer base through different sales channels.

Why we do

App to tell the ramen culture of Japan
Content to convey the ramen culture of Japan
Ramen Gallery Takumen business was set up by Gourmet Innovation Japan founder Inoue, whose dream is to roll out ramen stores across the world serving some of the best ramen Japan has to offer. He moved to Singapore in early 2014 and set up the business singlehandedly. In order to deliver the best ramen Japan has to offer. We taps on Takumen.com’s relationships with famous ramen stores in Japan to secure international distribution rights at a nominal royalty payment for each serving sold outside Japan. We believes Singapore is the starting point to building a ramen chain across the world. *Gourmet Innovation Japan is an online startup started in 2010 by Inoue, one of the early participants of Japan’s internet startup boom. The company runs Takumen.com, an online ramen store providing home delivery of ready-to-eat packages of more than 120 famous ramen stores across Japan. Takumen.com contracts 120 famous ramen stores throughout Japan to pack and freeze their ramen during off peak hours, subsequently sending the frozen packages to Takumen.com’s central warehouse. Takumen.com then sells these ramen to consumers through their website.

How we do

The master of Bigiya won the Bibuguruman of Michelin
Carefully cooking raise soup in the same process as Japan
Ramen Gallery Takumen currently consists of three stores in central Singapore, supported by a central kitchen in Woodlands. It serves as a proof of concept that Takuya’s vision to deliver a mix of the best Japanese ramen in a single store is possible. Ramen Gallery Takumen started with one roadside store in Boat Quay, and subsequently added two food court like stores in Enggor Street and LauPatSat. These stores currently serve seven different kinds of ramen, selected based on a combination of tasting results with locals and the ramen’s story telling potential. The stores are supported by a central kitchen in Woodlands, which prepares all seven ramen, freezes them in portions of three servings and delivers to the stores on a just-in- time basis. Significant time and effort was invested to reproduce the ramen to the satisfaction of the recipe owners under local conditions.