Press Release: New Pilot Initiative To Support Learning Anytime, Anywhere

⁣Gnowbe is proud to be partnering with SkillsFuture Singapore to support learning anytime and anywhere, with our newly launched subscription library - GnowbeLearn!⁣ Read the full release here.

⁣From just S$11.67/month*, users may now enjoy unlimited access to over 300 microlearning courses from the world’s best, earning certificates with just 10 minutes a day! Starting from 3 September, the annual subscription will be fully SkillsFuture Credit claimable.⁣

To promote lifelong learning and job discovery, Gnowbe has partnered with Wantedly Singapore to provide career resources and industry-specific live webinars. Check out the schedule here!

Wish to give it a try? Start your 14-day free trial today: https://rebrand.ly/BFRWL

*For annual subscription. One-time monthly subscriptions are SGD$13.99 per month.

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