What we do

Gnowbe is disrupting the future of talent and work with a performance enablement solution that seamlessly connects strategy, operations and people. As part of it, GnowbeLearn was designed to empower busy individuals to learn future-ready skills and boost employability. We will be launching something big this August - think about it as the "Netflix of Learning".

Why we do

In the world where digital learning is becoming increasingly common, we want to humanize that learning journey for every learner, making it simpler and friendlier for all. MISSION - Raise consciousness - Foster authentic human connection - Inspire behaviour change

How we do

As an organisation that prioritises "learn by doing", here's the 7 Gnowbe ways: - Nurture realistic optimism (being - Do only core things well (doing) - Plan. Execute. Measure. Refine (doing) - It’s ok to fail. (doing) - Don’t be boring. (doing) - 1+1=3 (engaging) - Always reflect on the ‘Essence’ These guide the way we work and grow together as a team to reach larger goals.