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Hello ,
My Name is ABHIHSEK. I am an indian currently Working in AVII IMAGE WORKS as a Web Developer.I am Sharing my experience and taught about this Company.

Being a Foriegner in Japan i already had a some Work Experinece in a japanese Company. But after Joining AVII IMAGE WORKS i felt that i am not really working in a Japanese Company ( i mena Japanese Work Culture ). There is no Sort of Strict Rules about time managment, Dress Code etc. My total point View towards the japanese company is been changed. It feels really Very good Working in AVII IMAGE WORKS

Being part of this company I believe in workplace wellness can mean the difference between a job you love and one you, well, don't love.
Healthy workplaces tend to exhibit a common set of traits that foster excellence and productivity. Here are some characteristics of workplace wellness in AVII IMAGE WORKS.

1. Positive values

A positive mission statement outlines the goals and demonstrative behavior that exemplify the highest commitment to quality and service to each other, the company, customers and shareholders. The company sets out to achieve its goals in ethical, honest ways with an elevated sense of purpose to improving the planet and humanity.

2. Relaxed and productive atmosphere

People enjoy coming to work and feel appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. In AVII IMAGE WORKS we have a great work atmosphere so that we can work in peace of mind. Whenever you feel like to have a Beer and Chill for some time there is a refrigerator with full of beer and whenever you feel stressed you can listen to music we have good Music system in the company itself

3. Open and honest communication

Everyone communicates in a cards-on-the-table manner, solving difficulties in a positive way. We don’t play nasty revenge games when in diffcult. Instead, Everyone view feedback as an opportunity for growth.

4. Sense of humor

Employees keep things in perspective, have fun , and laugh. Laughter generates endorphins, our natural presence.

5. Flexibility

The company and the employees embrace change, accommodate new trends and technology, and incorporate new skills. We have a System of Flex Work. its not neccessary to come to office every day. you can work from anywhere you want in corporate with the time.

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