What we do

At Al-Futtaim, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the most diverse selection of shopping choices imaginable. And we don’t just create an amazing shopping experience in the UAE. We also provide consumers the brands they love throughout the GCC, Egypt, the Levant, and Southeast Asia. Our Retail division has unique capabilities for launching and developing brands to high operating standards while enjoying excellent long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. The majority of our franchisees have been developed over many years and success can be attributed to maintaining a strong vision and faithfully replicating the brand values, ethos and culture, combined with local knowledge, expertise in precise execution and commitment to growth. In short: we understand brands, people, and the dedication that is required to bring them both together with a smile.

Why we do

Purpose Al-Futtaim provides quality products and services that enrich people’s lives and aspirations each and every day. Values At Al-Futtaim, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity are the values we live by, that help us action our Purpose and Vision. It is how we work and interact with others.

How we do

R – Respect for all stakeholders I – Integrity always do the right thing C – Collaboration better together E – Excellence Best in class