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Hoods Inc. Productions

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What we do

  • Crowds form at Hoods Inc.'s Living Together live show
  • Performance with comedians and artists for an arts based comedy TV series

Hoods is slang for:
~ neighbourhoods
~ someone embodying urban culture
~ troublemakers

At Hoods Inc., we like to stay under the radar (we can do our most groundbreaking work that way), so we let our projects speak for themselves. And while remaining anonymous, we have produced OVER ONE THOUSAND half and one hour comedy and drama televised episodes, commercials, current affairs programmes, feature films, documentaries, music videos, branded content, webisodes, corporate videos, interstitials, live events and social media integrated content.

We also get bored easily. Which is why we risk everything, every time, to bring the most innovative entertainment to your screens. And with great risk comes great reward. We were:
to bring English sitcoms into your home
to make arts programming accessible to the masses
to have a series pulled off the air for ‘crossing the line’
to use the Red Camera and create a workflow
to incorporate AR/VR tech into televised series (animated & photo-realistic)
to create Singapore’s longest running kids/family reality series
to bring arts comedy to the heartlands
(of course these are just the success stories; let’s not go into the risks that crashed and burned)

Why we do

  • It's a Wrap for an experimental/vfx book adaptation series
  • After a long day of filming Mark Lee and Kumar's role reversal

Because why not?

Our single-minded focus on quality has led to a diversity in products and services, from sitcoms to dramas, webisodes to commercials, feature films to music videos, we provide you with the boldest and the best. Experimenting with 360 technology, virtual studios and 8K resolution productions, we are able to adapt to ever-changing client and consumer needs.

In a nutshell, we do anything and everything. So long as it interests us and makes a difference in people’s lives. Especially ours.

We are the team behind TV, feature film and online series like Pulau Hantu, Hard Truths, City Sharks, Front, K By Kumar, ST4R SQUAD, Angels, Wrinkles, Zero Hero, Sonic Warrior, IDEX, Yolo Pronto, Presidential Art, Cosmo & George, Stories of Love Anthology, Double Trouble, SSSOFA, Random Acts, Living Together, Fableicious, Knockout… we would love to keep humblebragging, but we’ve got a word count limit. Then again, breaking the rules is our motto. So here’s more. We were also part of the creative team behind hits like Under One Roof, Phua Chu Kang, Kids Talk Back and Capital e. Don’t know these shows? Ask your parents.

How we do

  • Filming a 1942 war series
  • Actors getting serious about comedy (all except one)

With hard work, blood, sweat and tears. And the occasional bit of good fortune.

So if you want to be glamorous, rich and insta-famous… DO NOT WORK HERE!

But if you want to do meaningful work, take risks and work with a passionate, colourful and entertaining team, then please check out our Job Postings.

Easily bored? Have too much free time? Social media leading you nowhere?

Then we want you!

We are looking for self-motivated individuals who have passion, commitment and attitude. And the quirkier you are the better!

No skills? No problem! Skills can be taught, so please come with everything else above. Of course if you have skills, we won’t turn you away.

Why work with us? Because we have:
1) Development opportunities (to work on a range of different shows)
2) Fun, Inclusive and Passionate Atmosphere
3) Perks and Benefits that go beyond statutory requirements (leave, medical, insurance) with some additional freebies because we care:
- Free Jokes & Swearing
- Free Pandan Cake (sometimes only)
- Free Snacks & Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

As a new team member

Basic knowledge in content creation with some level of motion graphics experience (2D and/or 3D). To create work for online, TV or film and support the operational aspects of post-production through housekeeping/organisational tasks, editing (offline and online) and use of music.

We are seeking individuals with visual creativity, proficiency in Editing / Motion Graphics software e.g. Premiere Pro / After Effects / Photoshop / Illustrator (or others where applicable), who can be:

• Leaders
• Team players
• Multitaskers
• Problem solvers
• Productive
• Resourceful
• Strategic thinkers
• Meticulous administrators
• Stress managers
• Morale boosters
• Excellent communicators

All the above with a good command of English (other languages are a plus) and willing to be groomed towards heading your own projects and/or department. Animators will also be trained in all aspects of production (no production experience required as training will be provided to successful candidates) and additional post-production workflow training and up-skilling will be provided to successful candidates after the probation period.

Click on "I'm Interested" to apply now!

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