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Want to learn the ropes of a F&B business owner? We are looking for cheerful individuals!

Wang Yuan Cafe

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What we do

Wang Yuan Café is not just any café that you can find out there.

Founded by a true-blue Singaporean Peranakan, Wang Yuan is the brain-child between the love of traditional local delights and innovation of the 21st century.

Here you would find a variety of food choice from specialised traditional local delights, to creative and mouth-watering fusion food, specialised handcrafted desserts and speciality coffee

Why we do

With a goal to sustain our colourful local food culture, Wang Yuan infuses traditional secret family recipe with the modernity of the 21st century to create the elevated and extensive menu that we now have.

How we do

Many asks us why would we not want to focus on just that one thing and specialise in it. Our answer is simple, because we can be specialised and good in everything that we offer. With this philosophy in mind, this "mod-sin" one-stop dining destination was then brought alive for young to the old.

As a new team member

We are looking for cheerful individuals who have the passion to enter into hawkerpreneurship/entrepreneurship. We are interested to train up and coach these individuals to become their own boss in the future! But if you would just like and insight and experiences to this developing F&B industry, part time positions are open too.

What we look for at the end of the day is your sincerity, positivity, honesty and if you are passionate enough to withstand all hardships. It is the attitude that counts for all job has its own challenges!

What you'll be spearheading:
• Required to handle customer food ordering and cashiering duties
• Required to do minor food preparation
• Required to cook and prepare orders upon request
• Required to be able to withstand long-standing hours

Who we're looking for:
• Need to have minimum cooking experience (Training will be provided)
• Need to be able to work independently when required

Currently, we're looking for Singaporeans or PR to join. Interested? Click Want to Visit now to let us know.

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Company info
Wang Yuan Cafe
  • 33 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089140
  • Want to learn the ropes of a F&B business owner? We are looking for cheerful individuals!
    Wang Yuan Cafe