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Biometrics CV/ML Engineer Wanted!


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  • Liquid CTO
    Computer Vision Engineer developing fingerprint, face and human behavior recognition system

  • After leaving an information system graduate school, I joined SIER to operate and develop a bank information system. After working as a math teacher at the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, I engaged in developing a processor for supercomputers at a venture company. Currently, I'm developing...

  • Full-stack developer at Liquid inc.
    Cloud based web application specialist, also Site reliability engineer

  • Chief Researcher
    Human body and fashion recognition specialist

What we do

  • 3D Body Scanning System

Liquid develop biometric authentication platform using image processing.

[1] Liquid eKYC

Smartphone-based KYC service using Image Processing for Face and IDCards.

- 住信SBIネット銀行との間で、オンラインで本人確認を完結する「LIQUID eKYC」の導入検討を開始

[2] LIQUID Auth

Authentication Services with Face and Fingerprint for Payment, Cashing, Entrance, many authentication cases.

-リキッド、イオン銀行で生体認証システム提供 キャッシュカードなくても現金引き出し可能に


Why we do

  • 手ぶら社会の実現
  • オフィスの使い方の革新と生じる新しい価値

We want to realize the ultimate personalization of the IOT era.
By converting individual feature information into data, we eliminates both cash, ID / PW, tickets, gates, cash register, etc., and achieves both convenience and security, and eradicates economic crimes.

How we do

  • 小さなチームに権限を委譲し、それぞれが主体的に活動します
  • 柔軟なワークスタイルを志向しています

# Engineer-centered organization
It is important to be a technology innovation venture company where technological superiority becomes the core value of business.
Organizations are made up of confident members such as founding CTOs of famous venture companies and engineers who have experience in business sales, and many of the employees are engineers.
There are also many engineers who research and develop core element technologies.

We are conducting research on a scale comparable to large companies, such as joint research with universities, and we have a space where you, the talented people who want to be involved in a business with innovation, can demonstrate their strength.

Development methods are also researching academic papers around the world, discussing implementation methods, and promoting engineering methods such as putting them into systems.

Let's work together with engineers who want to innovate with technology and change social infrastructure!

As a new team member

Liquid is looking for a passionate computer vision engineer for following projects.

* Biometric authentication technology
* Extra-high security biometrics with spoof detection and encryption.
* Human identification tracking and behavior recognition.
* Accurate analysis of IDCard and passport.

Job Responsibilities

* Design and develop accurate human identification / tracking / behavior analysis technology.
* Survey papers, implement technology, evaluate, discuss and create product.
* Create a solid load map to verify technology and create prototype.
* Support deploying the technology to application with engineers.


* Mathematics and Computer Vision basic skills.
* Programming skills in Python.
* Working knowledge of data science and deep learning framework.
* Working experience in team.

Preferred Skills

* Pytorch, Pytorch-Lightning
* AWS SageMaker, StepFunctions
* Multi-stack experience in mobile, web and server-side development.

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