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Interactive Engineer Wanted!


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  • Hi there!
    I'm Takeshi from teamLab HR.
    Please never hesitate to contact me :)

    ・Studied Literature in Durham, England
    ・Worked for Travel Agency at Zurich, Switzerland

  • Leader of Interactive team

  • Interaction

What we do

  • Story of the Forest, National Museum of Singapore
  • Crystal Universe

【Story of the Forest, National Museum of Singapore】
Featuring flowers, plants, and animals native to Singapore and its region, Story of the Forest has turned the Glass Rotunda of the National Museum of Singapore into a mesmerizing digital art piece.

· Interaction design and development
· Production development
· Development of Shaders

【Crystal Universe】
This artwork uses an accumulation of light points to create a sculptural body, similar to the way distinct dots of color form an image in a pointillist painting. In Crystal Universe, the particles of light are digitally controlled and change based on the viewer’s interactivity with the work.

· Development of LED control system
· Development of production tools
· Directing production

Why we do

【Technology and Creativity】
The boundary between technology and creativity is becoming ambiguous and its tendency is further expanding. We create and provide solutions based on the concept of "Experiment and Innovation", while defining the boundaries of science, technology and art.

How we do

【Secret of being creative】
We believe collaboration is a key to innovation. At teamLab, we have experts of varied fields such as engineering, programming, branding, designing and design production. We think it is important to be well communicated among our team, in order to together create an innovative work. Our office is designed to where you can converse and collaborate, cooperate with other co-workers. We have an open meeting / workspace, so that we can engage other meetings other than participating in our own meetings. Cooperation is important to be innovative, and it leads us to problem solving.

As a new team member

The Interactive Team is an interdisciplinary group of computer graphics engineers that design stunning, real-time installations from start to finish. As a member of the Interactive Team, you will grow and refine your artistic and technical skills through the use and study of shaders, high performance rendering, projection mapping, software architecture, fluid dynamics, user interaction, and countless other topics. Team members are also responsible for onsite installation for exhibitions, so a desire to travel is also a plus!

On every project, Interactive engineers collaborate with many of teamLab's other creative and engineering teams, working with 3D modellers, hardware architects, sound designers, and computer vision specialists. We believe that collaboration is a key to innovation!

· Creating interactive contents
· Design and development of interaction system
· Design and development of realtime graphic expression

【Required experience / skill】
· Programming -have your own work using programming-
· Design and development of interactive contents

【Strongly desirable】
・Unity / UnrealEngine
・OpenGL / DirectX / WebGL
・Processing / openFrameworks / Cinder
・vvvv / TouchDesigner

【Other applicable skill】
・Maya、3ds Max、Blender

We’re also recruiting applicants for other types of engineers and designers!
If you got interested, please do not hesitate to visit our unique office where filled with our interactive digital arts.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Interactive Engineer Wanted!