Nobuhiro Seki

株式会社Darma Tech Labs / Chief Investment OfficerNew York, NY

Nobuhiro Seki

株式会社Darma Tech Labs / Chief Investment Officer

Seasoned Entrepreneur & Hardware Investor

Nobuhiro (Nob) Seki is an ambitious entrepreneur based in New York City and his hometown Tokyo, Japan.


In the future

Building a foundation of the hardware startup ecosystem in New York City, I would like to create an integrated ecosystem with the manufacturing ecosystem in Japan.

About 株式会社Darma Tech Labs

株式会社Darma Tech Labs6 years

Chief Investment OfficerPresent

- Present

With MBC Shisaku Fund and specialized manufacturing consulting team, Makers Boot Camp (MBC) invests in early-stage hardware startups and helps them accelerate their manufacturing processes to make the first product to the market successfully.

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