Naomitsu Tsugiiwa

TIER IV, Inc. / Individual Contributor東京都葛飾区

Naomitsu Tsugiiwa

TIER IV, Inc. / Individual Contributor




In the future


TIER IV, Inc.4 years

Individual ContributorPresent

- Present

make employee's working environment better with tech.

Freelance4 years

Information Technology / Information Security ConsultantPresent

- Present

Consultation for IoT, internet without web browser, information security management, and engineer team building.

About Global Mobility Service株式会社

Global Mobility Service株式会社2 years

CTO / VPoE / Executive Officer / General Manager


Led architecture and grand design of next generation service platform. Revised and updated architecture of IoT remote lock system for vehicle working with finance eco system by Web & Big data technology. Made technical relationship between all global subsidaries and headqu

About Yahoo! JAPAN

Yahoo! JAPAN11 years

Architect / Information Security Director / Technical Director / VPoE


make consumer electronics adapting to the internet. iOS application development lead. architect for non-Web based client side. technical due diligence and security auditor as technical director of a department, and consulting of various non-browser based internet using and external technologies for executive.

KONAMI11 years

Game Director / Lead Programmer / Sound Engineer


launch Sound Division at KCESJ. worked as sound engineer for almost products released by KCEJ-EAST / Director of Yu-Gi-Oh! DuelMonsters series for GBAs / Game Design, Planning, Director, and Co-Producer of another various products for mainly Nintendo DS.

About Microsoft

Microsoft5 years

Software Development Engineer / Software Test Engineer


Microsoft Software Development Engineer · 1993年4月1日〜1997年7月4日 · レドモンド Windows3.1 customer support as OJT / Software Test Engineer of Visual C++1.0, Visual C++2.x for Win32SDK, and MS-Test3.0a / Lead deve



  • マイコンBASICマガジン連載

    - キミのプログラミング・テクニックを公開しよう - Dr.Dのちょっと背のびのBASIC講座

  • PCを利用したIT化の受託

    ・EPSON社製PC386を利用した工場内製品印刷システムの構築 ・統計解析の書籍におけるデモプログラムの開発 ・テキストエディタ、日本語入力システム、店頭デモ等の開発の部分受託



  • Objective-C

    • Norihiro Hattori
    • Hiroyuki Komiya

    Recommended by Norihiro Hattori, Hiroyuki Komiya

  • C++

    • Juniti Koyama

    Recommended by Juniti Koyama

  • 音声信号処理

    • Juniti Koyama

    Recommended by Juniti Koyama

  • Swift

    • Hiroyuki Komiya

    Recommended by Hiroyuki Komiya

  • MFC

  • iOS, JavaScript, PHP and 14 skills


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