Miki Doi

UD Trucks / Business Process Developer

Miki Doi

UD Trucks / Business Process Developer

Currently studying human centered design

Multitasking, and quality-driven change manager/business process developer, supporting in driving factory modernization activity with close collaboration with the business and vendors; in parallel working in managing systematic and business process changes due to company split. I have a background in project management; am proficient in organizing and hardworking.


In the future

Currently studying optimizing user experience by incorporating perspectives such as "human-centered design (HCD)," "behavioral economics," "ergonomics," and "affective engineering" into UI/UX design.

UD Trucks1 year

Business Process DeveloperPresent

- Present

Coordination with biz and vendors to modernize the factory & improve office work efficiency. Bridge between IT and Biz to coordinate IT changes due to company split.

Volvo Group.3 years

IT Project Manager/PMO


Worked with colleagues from worldwide on daily basis :)

  • IT Separation Project

    PMO to manage the separation of 350+ IT systems (and data) due to company split

  • Automation & Visualization

    PM to manage automation of repetitive work with RPA & visualization with Qlik sense


Doshisha University4 years

English Sociolinguistics


Thesis on "Gender & Language" Are language used by men and women different? If so, how they differ and why? Micro-analysis of episodes from the popular American TV sitcom.

San Diego State University1 year

English Language and Literature


Creative Writing & Techniques of the Short Story

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