Jian Wen Chong

Singapore Management University / Teaching Assistants

Jian Wen Chong

Singapore Management University / Teaching Assistants

I am currently a final year student from Singapore Management University pursuing a degree in Business Management, expecting to graduate in April 2021 with Double Major in Quantitative Finance and Economics.


In the future

As an individual who is passionate and eager to learn, I am seeking a job opportunity in the field of Finance/Investment to develop my skills, knowledge and interest.

Singapore Management University3 years

Teaching Assistants(Side)Present

- Present

• Rendered assistance to professors in 3 Modules: Microeconomics, Probability Theory and Applications, Economic of Globalization • Organized weekly consultation sessions across classes to address misconceptions and guide students on the various topics

Singapore Management University

Quantitative Major and economics

The Quantitative Finance Major in SMU exposed me to various asset classes such as equity, fixed income, derivatives and structured products. It also provided me with knowledge on the various trading and hedging strategies as well as portfolio management across various asset classes, in addition to financial modelling using coding skills s

Goshen Global Management8 months

Summer Analyst(Intern)


• Managed portfolios of 4 accredited investors by providing trading and hedging strategies to meet the investment objectives and to achieve consistent returns • Monitored cashflows of the 4 portfolios and rolled deposits and loans on behalf of the clients to prevent i

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