Haruno Suematsu

ソフトバンク株式会社 / Technology Unit

Haruno Suematsu

ソフトバンク株式会社 / Technology Unit

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About ソフトバンク株式会社

ソフトバンク株式会社3 years

Technology UnitPresent

- Present

Web Developer

  • Web application development

    ◇ CAREER OVERVIEW: - Participating in launch of a new business, and contributed customer success. - Web application development from scratch and building system infrastructure. - Primary in-charge of frontend component lead and handle all the pages in web applications. - Implemented more than hundreds of pages and functions in 2 months. - To make improvements of customer experience, released applications every day. ◇ WORK EXPERIENCE: I started my career as a web programmer and contributed customer success. Sometimes I played a role of primary in-charge of frontend component lead and released hundreds of applications pages and functions in a few months. Recently I've been working on some e-commerce web applications mainly using Angular, Nuxt.js, and TypeScript. One of my biggest passions is producing softwares that meets all goals and objectives discussed with the customers to maximize each user's experience.

Osaka University7 years

Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science


Master of Science in Infrared Astronomy

  • Master of Science in Infrared Astronomy

    ■Education ・Focused on discovery of extrasolar planets using gravitational microlensing. ・Improved photometry and image analysis system for current telescope to develop systems for new infrared telescope which is under construction with the cooperation of NASA. ・Streamlined operations of observation by using image recognition. ・Observed stars for research and developed a system for analyses in New Zealand. ■Conference Presentations ・Suematsu, Haruno (2019) “Classifying Difference Image Analysis (DIA) images by using Deep Learning”, the 23rd International Microlensing Conference, Flatiron Institute, New York, US, Jan. 2019.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    ・Observed stars for research and developed a system for analyses in New Zealand. ・Experienced part-time job in software development for genetic analyses at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in Osaka University. ・Participated in Spring School of SOKENDAI, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and learnt the basics of cutting-edge astronomy including device development. ・Participated in JAXA Science Camp for high school students. ・Language study abroad in Australia.

  • Solo trip

    ・Solo trip to the Sahara Desert ・Solo trip in Turkey ・Solo trip through Eastern Europe

Department of Physics, School of Science

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