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    Base on a research study, 75% of the internet users in Malaysia used their income by means of online stores. Much like developments in the digital world, lottery game syndicates have also widened their scope from 3D (three-digit) and 4D (four-digit), to accept 5D (five-digit) and even 6D (six-digit) gamblings. Alongside progressions in 3D, 4D and 5D technology, Grand Dragon Lotto (GD Lotto) syndicates are maintaining and only a tiny portion of agents stay with the traditional approach of issuing slips. Nowadays, Malaysia people are making bets via sites, SMS and WhatsApp. Then the bet is paid to the agents via online banking or transferred with ATMs. Prize winnings are also executed the same manner into the punter's bank account. Right now there is no more a necessity for the two parties to deal in person. It is a very user-friendly one-stop medium as Malaysia players can bet on all the business offering 4D gamings, consisting of Magnum, Sports Toto, Damacai and Grand Dragon Lotto. Alan Wong from Nombor4D revealed that 4D lottery is played commonly in Malaysia. There are millions of players over the world can buy 4D Grand Dragon Lotto by employing web-based services. As a result, it is less complicated to check the most recent 4D Malaysia live result. You don't require to go over to traditional 4D shops to buy and also check 4D lottery game results as previously. Through the website and technology, it is more comfortable and easier to check Grand Dragon Lotto results including 4D lottery game. There are 23 4D lotto rewards have been disclosed in each time consisting of 10 unique rewards, 10 consolation rewards and 3 top rewards which are first, 2nd and third prize. You can search for the record of GD Lotto Malaysia results and get numbers that have drawn very frequently. Then, use these digits to anticipate the winning number of Grand Dragon Lotto result in Malaysia today as well as in future. As you might understand, earlier 4D results is viewed as gold element to foresee a new lottery number for some 4D players. So, don't overlook this chance.