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Chika Maruta

LUSH JAPAN G.K / Brand Communications Manager

Chika Maruta

LUSH JAPAN G.K / Brand Communications Manager

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Brand Communications ManagerPresent

- Present

- Designing brand experiences and building brand engagement - Strategic planning and contents production of offline and online communication including print, digital, social media, and events in the areas of cosmetics, corporate branding, recruiting, human rights, animal r

Country Representative of Lush Employee Benefit Trust

In 2017, the Lush Shareholders gifted 10% of the company shares into the Lush Employee Benefit Trust (EBT). The EBT is a Trust in which 10% of shares are held, and along with the other Shareholders of the business, the Lush EBT owns a proportion of the Lush business. I was elected and served as an country representative of Lush Employee B


Charity & Campaign Supervisor


- Organize and implement offline and online campaigns in the area of human rights, animal protection, and environmental conservation, collaborating with grassroots organizations, public figures, and media.

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